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All Full Circle shirts feature original designs created by Noelle in our Huntington, West Virginia shop and studio.

The first in our Forgotten Appalachia Series, this design pays tribute to the untamed spirit of Appalachia and harkens back to the wild folklore of our ancestors.  

Legend has it that the early settlers of Appalachia encountered large dark cats they called panthers.  There has been much debate over the years as to what type of cats these actually were, some believe they were very dark mountain lions while others say they were actually jaguarundis, a large cat native to the more southern areas of the United States.  

My own grandfather worked on a surveying crew in the very rural areas of Lawrence County, Ohio in the 1940's and told stories of hearing a "painter" screech in the woods that sounded like a woman screaming and my dad once encountered a very large dark cat with a long tail standing in the pathway on his farm.

Whatever these cats were, you can be sure they, like the people of Appalachia, have found a way to hunker down and survive somewhere deep in the wild woods of our region.

Locally screen printed on a super soft Independent Trading Co. Unisex Mid-weight Special Blend Pullover with a slim fit.

8oz (270 gm) 52% cotton/48% polyester blend

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Great sweatshirt

This shirt caught my eye and when I read the story behind it I knew I had to have it. I messaged the store with size questions and they were very quick to respond. Their suggestion was exact and it fits perfectly! I can’t wait for Christmas to open this present I bought for myself!!