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Here are answers to some questions we get asked often.

Gift Packages

Can I create my own Gift Package? 

A: Of course!  You can choose items from our site for your own gift package, add additional items to one of our pre-made packages or contact us with your gift package idea and we'll put together something special just for you.

Can I substitute an item in a Gift Package with something else?

A: Sure, we're happy to swap out an item if there's something you would rather have!  Just contact us before you purchase so that we can take care of any price or inventory adjustments and we'll do our best to work with you on the perfect package.


Shipping & Pickups

If I live in the Huntington area can I stop by the shop and pick-up my purchase?

Of course!  Please choose "local pickup" in the cart page when checking out and select a time when you would like to pickup your order.  During open hours (10-6:30 Monday through Saturday) we can usually have your order ready within half an hour of purchase and often even faster than that.  When picking up your order, please come to the front of the shop and text us with your name or order number unless we see you first! 

The COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted in West Virginia, when are you planning to open the shop for foot traffic?

We prefer to place our trust in immunologists, epidemiologists and other scientific experts rather than politicians when it comes to matters of health.  The easing of restrictions does not change the fact that Noelle is immune compromised due to medications for the treatment of Crohn’s Disease and is thus in a high risk category for COVID-19 complications.  We will be taking the reopening process very slowly and we will remain closed to the public until further notice.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your patience and understanding in this matter.

 Why am I charged shipping on some items and not on others?

We know that everyone is used to getting free shipping on everything all the time so we have done our very best to offer free shipping on as many items as possible.  However, we also try to price items fairly and this in part means not building shipping costs into the price of our products so that we can charge you what it actually costs us to ship an item.  The bottom line is that we are not Amazon and we just can't afford not to charge shipping on heavier products.


About Us & Full Circle

Are you originally from Huntington?

Scott grew up a few miles away in St. Albans, WV and Noelle was raised just across the river in Lawrence County, OH.  We both attended Marshall University and we were married in Huntington in 1997.  Life took us to different areas of the country for a few years before we ultimately settled back in Huntington where we have made a home and life for ourselves.  We are proud to call Huntington home and there is no place in the world we would rather be.

Do you make all of the products you sell?

In the beginning we made nearly everything sold at Full Circle and we still do make or design a ton of our own items.  But, as we have grown and the shop has evolved, we have sought out partnerships with other small businesses and individual makers across the country so that we can bring you a diversely curated selection of interesting goods that is always changing.  Know that when you visit Full Circle you are supporting not only us, but a family of small businesses that make our shop possible.

Handmade Items

Where and how did Noelle learn to make her ceramic art?

Noelle was a Fine Arts Major with an emphasis on painting at Marshall University in the mid nineties but she was forced to withdraw when she was initially diagnosed with Crohn's Disease and she never finished her degree.  After exploring a few different creative paths, Noelle finally landed on clay in 2006 while living in Maine and she never looked back.  She attended a few community classes and couple of professional workshops but by and large Noelle is self taught when it comes to ceramics and clay.